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Deep Sea Salvage

Essa missão foi marcada como obsoleta pela Blizzard e não pode ser adquirida ou completada.
First Mate Nilzlix wants you to retrieve the Charts and Logs from the Maiden's Folly and the Spirit of Silverpine.
Mapas da Extravagância da Donzela
Diário de Bordo da Extravagância da Donzela
Mapas do Espírito de Pinhaprata
Diário de Bordo do Espírito de Pinhaprata


O'Breen led the ships into the cove. We were certain this is where the treasure could be found. The Harbinger docked safely but as the Maiden's Folly and Spirit of Silverpine approached the tides began to lower. Strangest thing I've ever seen!

Those two ships ran aground into something... some sort of temple in the reef. They sank so quickly, was quite a tragedy.

We need to retrieve their Logs as well as their Charts before we leave. We can't leave that information behind for prying eyes!




Você irá receber:
Martelo Água Negra


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