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Essa missão foi marcada como obsoleta pela Blizzard e não pode ser adquirida ou completada.
[Use the Iron Trap to capture a Leatherhide Clefthoof, Breezestrider Talbuk, or Meadowstomper.]
[Beast trapped]
Item fornecido:
Armadilha de Ferro


[When we came through the portal, we weren't able to bring any of our animals with us. For us to produce meat, leather, and furs, we'll need to trap some of the native beasts and bring them back here.

I've heard word that the best grazing grounds are out in Nagrand. We can get a load of meat from the elekk, leather from the clefthooves, or furs from the talbuk.

Take this iron trap and use it on a wounded adult beast, we'll haul it on back here and get to work.]


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Recursos da Guarnição


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