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Essa missão foi marcada como obsoleta pela Blizzard e não pode ser adquirida ou completada.
Storm Shadowhoof at Everlook in Winterspring wants you to defeat Shy-Rotam.
Shy-Rotam morto


In northern Winterspring, great cats assemble around a large landmark called Frostsaber Rock. The leader of these cats is known by the name Shy-Rotam. Defeating the matriarch of the frostsabers would grant you much respect in the eyes of your fellow <race>.

Go again to the harsh wilds, and once there, gather sacred meat from the frostsabers. Find the stone of Shy-Rotam, and place it there. Placing the meat of her kin before her will summon Shy-Rotam, in anger.

Be ready for her fury, and defeat her.


Você vai poder escolher uma dessas recompensas:
Adaga do Caçador de Feras Lâmina do Espreitador de Feras
Você também irá receber:
Carne de Sabre-de-gelo Sagrado


Completando essa missão você ganhará: