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In Defense of the King's Lands

Essa missão foi marcada como obsoleta pela Blizzard e não pode ser adquirida ou completada.
Mountaineer Cobbleflint at Thelsamar wants you to kill 6 Stonesplinter Troggs and 6 Stonesplinter Scouts.


Trogg Lascapedra morto  (6)
Batedor Lascapedra morto (6)


We need to protect the Loch, <name>! With so many of the King's soldiers fighting valiantly on remote battlefields, we've become overwhelmed on the home front. Troggs are tunneling up from every crevice! The Trogg infestation poses the largest threat to Ironforge.

We need you, brave adventurer, to venture forth and lay waste to the Trogg threat. Slay 6 Stonesplinter Troggs and 6 Stonesplinter Scouts and report back. You will find most of the vermin through the passes into the mountains to the south.



Você irá receber:
Queijo Azedo de Dalaran


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