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Rhapsody Shindigger

Essa missão foi marcada como obsoleta pela Blizzard e não pode ser adquirida ou completada.
Seek out Rhapsody Shindigger in The Hinterlands.


Rhapsody took quite a liking to the booze. Now don't get me wrong -- all of us dwarves up here at the aviary love a good ale when the time is right.

But ol' Shindigger took to the liquor like a gryphon takes to the skies. And a damned shame it was, too. No one could fly like Rhapsody.

First sign of trouble was when he came stumbling back from that mission with your buddy, Brohann. All went down hill quickly after that. Had to let him go.

Last I heard, he's set up a brew camp to the east of here...



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