Patch 6.2 Armor Preview, Transmog Set Database Updated for 6.2

New Site Feature: Dressing Room Tool for Custom Transmog, Comment to Win a Mystic Runesaber Mount

New Site Feature: Transmog Set Images for All Races, Comment to Win a Grinning Reaver Mount

Blood Elf Model Preview, Tier 17 Raid Armor, Garrison Timer App Now On iOS, Nov 25 Hotfixes

Warlords of Draenor Transmog Set Database and Guides Live

New Warlords Cinematic Image, Farmer Transmog Weapons, Expanded Faction Hubs, Blue Tweets

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Patch 5.2: Isle of Thunder Content Guide

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Isle of Thunder Preview: PvE and PvP Dailies, Troll Transmog, Single-Player Scenarios

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5.2 PTR: All Season 11 PvP Gear Available, Ghostcrawler on T15 Set Bonuses

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Transmogrification Guides, Part 1: Tier Armor (Updated for 5.4.7)