Legion LFR Solo Queue Coming in Patch 8.1 - Tides of Vengeance

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Tomb of Sargeras: Mythic and Wing 1 LFR Open This Week - Special Giveaway

This Week in Broken Isles 2/7: Pet Battle Bonus Event, LFR Wing 2 "Royal Athenaeum" Open

Nighthold Raid Official Preview and Schedule

Outland Timewalking (October 11th - 18th), Legion Developer Q&A on Patch 7.1, World Boss Withered J'im

Emerald Nightmare LFR Wing 2 Open Early

Downtime Tuesday #30, Archimonde Open on LFR, Archimonde Hotfixes

Downtime Tuesday #28, Game Guide Interview, Destructor's Rise LFR Opens, 8/11 Hotfixes

Downtime Tuesday #26, Bastion of Shadows LFR Opens, I Found Pepe Unimplemented

Downtime Tuesday #24, Halls of Blood LFR Opens and Hellfire Citadel Role Guides

New WoW Token Details, Blackhand LFR Open March 24th

Downtime Tuesday Episode 6; Iron Assembly LFR Opens

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New Highmaul LFR Wing Open: Tectus, Twin Ogron, Ko'ragh

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Potential Trojan Account Threat, LFR, Flex, and the Group Finder in WoD

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Siege of Orgrimmar: LFR Downfall Open 10/22, New Bosses and Loot

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Siege of Orgrimmar: LFR Underhold Open 10/8, New Bosses and Loot

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SoO: Gates of Retribution LFR Open 9/24, New Bosses and Loot