Battle for Azeroth Build 27101 Hotfixes - Hunter, Mage, Priest, Warlock, and Warrior Tuning

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Writhing Essence Hotfix - 1st Daily Legion Heroic Dungeon Rewards Five

Blizzard Posts: April 13 Hotfixes, Fenryr Hotfix, 7.2.5 Brewmaster and Enhancement Discussion

Broken Shore Nethershard Hotfix

Blizzard Posts: Mobs Scaling with Item Level Hotfix, Pet Targeting, 7.2 Common Issues, Blue Tweets

News Roundup: Assassination Hotfix, Ion Hazzikostas Interview, Legion Leggings, February 2017 Overview

Kirin Tor Emissary Quest Hotfix


Blizzard Hotfixes Moat Lurker, Silverware Golem Encounter, and Abomination AI Bug

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Patch 5.4.7 hotfixes for March 11

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News Roundup: Blue Tweets, Recent Hotfixes, Talk Azeroth ep29

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City Exploit Hotfixed