Patch 4.2: Two New Hunter Pets, Molten Cats, and Dungeon Journal Interface Changes

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  • Each of the vendor trinkets have a unique and cool vanity effect attached to its on use: Cálice do Poço Lunar creates a beam from a moonwell linked to you, Tronco de Dwyer tosses a tree at the ground, Bola de Fogo Magnética da Ricket creates a sphere of flame around your character, and Frasco do Poço Lunar splashes water around you for its duration.

  • If you miss throwing bears from the dailies, check out Ursinho de Hyjal for . It is purchased from Varlan Galhalto after completing O chamado dos ancientes. You can also purchase Chamado de Mylune from Varlan for ; this item summons beautiful animals, butterflies, and flowers for five minutes.

  • Completing Nas asas de Espírito 10 times will award you Aquele pterodáctilo "invencível"? JÁ ERA. and Caixa Gorjeante. Inside will be the other mini jouster you did not choose upon completing Leva de ovos.

  • Dungeon Journal

    The Dungeon Journal has been out for longer but recently received a polish in the last patch build. Let's sum up the features.

    Boss Tips

    • Boss abilities in respective phases pointed out along with effects
    • Adds and their abilities in bossfights pointed out
    • Important abilities marked with icons, e.g. for tanks, deadly abilities, interruptable spells
    • Toggle between Normal/Heroic and 10/25-player tips.

    Boss Loot including Class Filter

    • Accessible via chest tab on the right of the pane
    • List of all possible items dropped by a boss, including tooltips but without drop chances
    • Toggle between Normal/Heroic and 10/25-player loot.
    • Gear Filter to sort items with stats beneficial for your class, regardless of specialization


    • Search: Search for an item, a boss or an ability. Clicking the result will take you to the appropriate page, i.e. the boss drop list or the boss ability list.
    • Map Integration: While in a dungeon, click on a boss avatar in the zone map and be linked to the Dungeon Journal entry of that boss. Or show maps directly from the zone entry of the Dungeon Journal.

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