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[Changelog For "Brewmaster Monk Adapting to the Pre-Patch - Battle for Azeroth 8.1.5"]

  • 15/4/2019 em 14:01: Reviewed for Crucible of Storms Raid launch. Por Wowhead
  • 21/3/2019 em 10:45: Reviewed for Patch 8.1.5. Por Wowhead
  • 20/7/2018 em 00:06: Updated Pre-Patch Talent Potential section based upon 3 days of Antorus logs. Blackout Combo's still here. Hooray. We're all very excited about it. Por Llarold
  • 17/7/2018 em 08:24: [Minor Edit] Por Anshlun
  • 17/7/2018 em 07:25: Added the Navbar Por Anshlun
  • 16/7/2018 em 20:06: Updated the GCD length for Invoke Niuzao. Por Llarold
  • 15/7/2018 em 18:09: Updated additional references to Guard. Por Llarold
  • 15/7/2018 em 06:32: [Minor Edit] Por Anshlun
  • 15/7/2018 em 03:35: Updated "Pre-patch Talent Potential" section and all references to High Tolerance, Guard, and Blackout Combo. Fixed a reference to Invoke Niuzao that linked to RJW instead. Added reduced Brew recharge time to the "Changes from Legion to BFA" section. Por Llarold
  • [Status set to Aprovado]: 14/7/2018 em 21:48