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[Changelog For "How to Unlock Artifact Appearances"]

  • 01/4/2019 em 15:28: [Minor Edit] Por Night
  • 01/4/2019 em 13:34: Added a note about the base challenge appearance being unobtainable anymore. Por Night
  • 29/6/2018 em 20:24: [Minor Edit] Por perculia
  • 26/6/2018 em 20:45: Updated with prepatch details on the Mage Tower, transmog details in BFA, as well as changed requirements in BFA for PvP tints. Por perculia
  • 16/6/2018 em 13:51: Updated for pre-patch. Por Night
  • [Status set to Aprovado]: 27/8/2016 em 01:01